See What’s Scaring The Hell Out Of Students In Viral Halloween Prank

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Someone just schooled college mates on the spooky arts.

A student costumed in a $40 bodysuit pulls off priceless scares in a Halloween video that has gone viral.

Makayla Rose Martinez of York College in Nebraska creeped out and cracked up fellow students in her getup, and shared the frightful fun on Twitter.

“I wasn’t even planning on making a video, but the footage my friend captured was too funny to not post,” Martinez told Time.

“Best $40 I ever spent,” she captioned the clip, which has been viewed millions of times since she posted it on Oct. 25.

Nicely done, Makayla. Happy Halloween.

makayla 🥀@makaylarose___

best $40 i ever spent 💀



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